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Asian Motivators Forum insists on instilling this doctrine in every individual who comes across the forum or attends our training programs, ..
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Welcome to Asian Motivators Forum

Life acquires new dimensions when we have a vision for life. It becomes (sweetly) fruitful when we have a purpose to our being. Life presents us with a roller coaster ride of experiences. But when we are seated steadfast in the ride, we come full circle…proverbially. Asian Motivators Forum helps people combat their limitations and live life to their optimum. It brings together the best of motivational speakers from across the Asian continent, who make you realize that the courage you need is already within you. It is from your struggles that you emerge winners. To not surrender, is strength. AMF, through its motivational seminars and conference, helps participants harness their self-worth and live life to the fullest.

Eminent Motivational Speakers from Asia

  • 1) Paul & Karla Davis - Motivational Speakers
  • 2) Michio Kaku - World - Renowned Theoretical Physicist
  • 3) Yul Kwon - Winner of 'Survivor: Cook Islands'
  • 4) Sheryl WuDunn - Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist
  • 5) Tess Gerritsen - Best-Selling Author of the Rizzoli & Isles Series
  • 6) Somaly Mam - Cambodian Human Rights Activist
  • 7) Jagdish N. Bhagwati - International Trade Theorist
  • 8) Ayesha Khanna - The Leading Expert on Our Intelligent Future
  • 9) Phoebe Eng - Author & Vice Chair, Ms. Foundation For Women
  • 10) Shiv Khera - Qualified Learning Systems Inc. USA
  • 11) Sandeep Maheshwari – Entrepreneur
  • 12) T S Madaan - Motivational Speaker

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Asian Motivators Forum is a platform to walk along with you to an inspired living!

Asian Motivators Forum is initialized with intent to power people from across the world and make them meet their inner greatness.

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